Roasted Maple Strat Neck
Roasted Maple Strat Neck
Roasted Maple Strat Neck
Roasted Maple Strat Neck
Roasted Maple Strat Neck
Roasted Maple Strat Neck
Roasted Maple Strat Neck


Vintage Strat Guitar Roasted Neck Stain, Maple! crowned and polished Frets!

Sale price1 600kr

A roasted Falkonguitars neck typically refers to a guitar neck that has been intentionally heat-treated or cooked to enhance its stability, durability, and tonal qualities.

The result of roasting is a distinct aesthetic appearance, often characterized by a darker, caramelized color of the wood. The heat treatment causes certain chemical changes within the wood fibers, resulting in increased resistance to environmental factors such as humidity changes and temperature fluctuations. This improves the overall stability and longevity of the neck.

Roasting the guitar neck not only improves stability but also enhances tonal qualities by removing moisture from the wood. This can lead to clearer and deeper sound. Roasted necks are popular among vintage-style instrument enthusiasts and those looking for a distinct aesthetic. Overall, roasted guitar necks are carefully treated components that offer increased stability, longevity, and unique tonal qualities for a special playing experience.

We ship it via DHL Express from Sweden, ensuring delivery within 3-5 working days only.


  • Radius: 9.5″
  • Profile: Modern C
  • Synthetic bone nut
  • Nut Width: 42 mm
  • Heel Depth: 25.5mm
  • Heel Width: 55.5mm
  • Machine Head Holes: 10mm
  • Roasted neck with 22 medium-jumbo frets.
  • Mapleneck with Truss Rod adjustment at the headstock.
  • More resistant to humidity and temperature changes than non-roasted necks.

Falkon Guitars is in the business of manufacturing and supplying replacement guitar parts based in Sweden, This is Falkon Guitars' product and All our necks are made to a standard dimension. high quality, but far more competitive pricing!