Strat Guitar Neck
Strat Guitar Neck
Strat Guitar Neck
Strat Guitar Neck
Strat Guitar Neck
Strat Guitar Neck
Strat Guitar Neck
Strat Guitar Neck
Strat Guitar Neck
Strat Guitar Neck


Strat Electric Guitar Neck Lion Flame Maple 22 Fretboard

Rea-pris1 800kr

"Stratocaster Roasted Neck Lion Flame: A Resonating Roar with Maple Harmony"

Introducing the extraordinary Strat electric guitar with a lion flame maple neck and a 22-fret fretboard. This guitar features stunning aesthetics and exceptional playability, making it a true standout on any stage or in any studio.

Crafted from lion flame maple, the neck of this guitar not only offers a striking appearance but also tonal versatility. The unique lion flame pattern adds elegance and character to the guitar's overall design.

The 22-fret fretboard is meticulously constructed for a smooth and comfortable playing experience. Each fret is perfectly aligned, allowing for effortless navigation across the fretboard. Whether you're strumming chords or playing intricate solos, this fretboard enhances your playing with its impeccable responsiveness.

The combination of the lion flame maple neck and the 22-fret fretboard enables you to explore a wide range of musical genres and styles. From soulful blues to intricate jazz to blistering rock.

This neck is made of the highest quality wood, and roasted until it reaches optimal dryness and beauty, this Maple neck is more resistant to humidity shifts and temperature changes and combines traditional design with modern refinements for improved playability and convenience.

This is a limited run so get yours before they are gone!

We send it by DHL express from Sweden and it takes only about 3-5 working days


  • Radius: 9.5″
  • Profile: Modern C
  • Synthetic bone nut
  • Nut Width: 42 mm
  • Heel Depth: 25.5mm
  • Heel Width: 55.5mm
  • Machine Head Holes: 10mm
  • Roasted flame Maple neck with 22 medium-jumbo frets.
  • Abalone dots finger fretboard with black strap in the back.
  • Roasted flame neck with Truss Rod adjustment at the headstock.
  • More resistant to humidity and temperature changes than non-roasted necks.

Falkon Guitars is in the business of manufacturing and supplying replacement guitar parts based in Sweden, This is Falkon Guitars' product and All our necks are made to a standard dimension. high quality, but far more competitive pricing!